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Student Of The Year Full Movie English Subtitle Free Download annyama




They pray for his recovery as he awaits the arrival of the train with his son Dev (Shetty) and daughter-in-law Yamini (Meena Kumari). However, Dev, a reckless youth, arrives late. He is fascinated with a girl (Nana Patekar) who has just got off the train. His father chides him for his irresponsibility and anger ensues. The father's condition deteriorates and he succumbs to his illness. The doctor advises all to meet in one place and it is here that Dev, Nana Patekar, and other students, meet and dance and sing. Dev and Nana fall in love with each other as they see each other through a mirror. But things become complicated as Yamini finds out. Yamini comes to know about Nana Patekar's relationship with her husband. She is disturbed and plans to kill Nana Patekar. At the same time, Dev decides to get married to Nana Patekar. But as they grow closer, Dev and Yamini face many difficulties. Nana is in love with Dev. They plan to kill Nana but have to run away. Dev learns that Nana is not innocent. She is in love with him. Dev's father dies after his advice that Dev and Nana run away. A marriage is planned between Dev and Yamini. But Nana runs away as she is still in love with Dev. Dev and Nana run away. Dev's friend also threatens him to let go of Nana. After much planning, Dev and Nana manage to reunite. However, Dev learns that Nana is pregnant with his child. Dev marries Yamini. He tells Nana that she was his first love, but Nana tells him that she was his last. Nana and Dev have a daughter named Radha. When Yamini comes to know about the child, she mistakes Radha as her niece. Yamini tells Dev that she has killed his wife. Dev and Yamini face a lot of problems. Dev's friend steals the car in which Yamini is traveling with Radha. Dev comes to know that the car has been stolen and he goes in search of it. As he searches for the car, Dev finds a set of headphones and with them he saves Yamini. Later, Yamini is rescued by Dev's friend and goes back with her to her parents. The movie ends on a happy note. Cast Rishi Kapoor as Dev




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Student Of The Year Full Movie English Subtitle Free Download annyama

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