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Having Success On The BCBA Exam...(OR) Stop Doing the Same Thing!

I will help you pass the BCBA exam to include if you've already tripped over it...once, twice...or more.

Approach the exam as a Behavior Analyst...we will together identify what's been interfering with your test success just as we do every day with our own individual clients. If a client is struggling, we know it's illogical to keep repeating, or even increasing, the same thing.

Stop doing the same thing.

Going back to the same study/review practices and processes will likely not only fail to increase your probability for success on the next attempt but may actually lessen it even more. And not being successful on the BCBA exam, itself, can become a kind of negative establishing operation for the next.

Stop doing the same thing! I will help you figure out what's been getting in the way and we will break the pattern.

While correctly defining/knowing the language and concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis are critical, for instance, the repeat drilling of flashcards OR mock exam modules to timed individual accuracy is not. This approach fails to prioritize authentic clinical knowledge while neglecting the accuracy, comprehensiveness and depth of understanding needed on exam scenarios/vignettes - then in real life and clinical practice.

Strong content knowledge is primary. But key non-content aspects of the exam - the structure of the BCBA exam - also needs explicit, specific attention and practice.

And even when content knowledge is strong overall, it is my experience from having worked with many repeat BCBA test takers who also often come with good content knowledge, that it is the multiple non-content and structural aspects of the exam which still can very specifically interfere.

And it is these many non-content related and structural issues of the BCBA exam that I address directly and specifically.

Effective BCBA Test Prep must consider non-content aspects of the BCBA exam to include being able to select the correct answer when all, or most, seem correct...or incorrect; to carefully read each question without 'knowing' the answer even before looking at those offered; recognizing and correctly responding to the type of question asked; responding correctly to multiple choice that asks what 'not' to select; being able to narrow down to the correct answer if not certain; selecting out/recognizing exactly what the question is asking for; being able to identify the correct experimental design, most effective intervention and/or assessment; better understanding and then effectively identifying what exactly is wanted/being asked for in test vignettes...and more...

Check here on my website for more information on what I do, how and what we'll do together. Also look at my Test Prep Services page here on my website for my FEE SPECIAL this test cycle.

I always work directly and individually with you via scheduled online sessions then remain available by email between sessions.

Our first conversation via phone or video is always without charge.

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