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 BCBA/BCaBA Test Prep

My rates are just $60 for one live online session per week or $75 for one session every two weeks with sessions running about 90  minutes. I schedule two sessions per week when requested and reduce the cost of each individual session by $10 for a total of $100 for two 90 minute sessions each week. Scheduling 3 sessions per week is possible depending on availability. While the charge per session will remain at $50, I will reduce the final amount due each week by 8%.  

I do not ask you to commit to a set amount of sessions for an upfront charge. I do not ask for a set amount of money then send you out the same product which goes to everybody else for you to decide whether it's  worthwhile or not - only after - you have made the financial commitment

We can schedule a few sessions or ongoing with my invoice typically sent following each session unless previous arrangements have been made. You will never be 'trapped' into a prepaid number of contacts or hours when working with me

My students are typically very pleased with the test prep services I offer and want to continue. Some choose to continue working with me after they've passed the exam as part of direct or indirect remote clinical services I offer (see below for more information).

I most often ask for your thoughts/feedback at the end of each session and always welcome thoughts/feedback by email. As I offer guidance, I depend on my students to provide me feedback and guidance in return. 


Above all, that I differentiate my test review and instruction for each individual student is a key feature not typically made available in other services.


Dr Lou...your content knowledge is off the charts.  You are so good at explaining difficult concepts and providing excellent examples. Also, I like the PP's and articles that you have given me.  Extremely helpful especially the experimental design area (great tools to refer back to and study) You also have a very kind and patient side that makes people feel comfortable, even when you have to deliver constructive feedback


January, 2019


My low block rates include full access to my PPTs and other resource materials along with the active use of my own original mock exam process. I also remain available between sessions for emailed questions/comments.

I offer small group Test Prep services. Please see my BCBA Test Prep page for more information and fees.

I want to work with you. Whether you are taking the BCBA exam for the first time or - especially - if you've been working hard to pass the BCBA exam and are still not sure why you've tripped over it once, twice...more...I want to work with you. I can help you pass the BCBA exam. And I am open to discussion with regards to my fees on a case by case need.

I work with international students, students for whom English is a second language and folks who have, or  need, exam modifications. For international students, I also routinely consider exchange rates when calculating fees.


After just a few sessions, I am already looking at the questions differently and have better success with answering the questions correctly. Thank you!!



BCBA Candidate

April, 2019



Please also be sure to check out my Instragram account since I regularly post information and randomized mock exam questions (bridging_behavior). Also be sure to check out the Blog and Resource pages in this website for a lot more information. And if you subscribe to my website, you won't miss a thing....

Since my first conversation via video or phone is without any charge or obligation, there's no reason not to talk. Don't wait until weeks before you are scheduled to sit for your BCBA exam. Start preparing now.

See my BCBA Test Prep pages for LOTS more information


I just wanted you to know that I passed this past May! I am so happy! I appreciate the talks we did have and the help you gave me! I have been going through a lot the last 6 months and this could not have come at a better time! I will look for you at any events I attend if the future and I hope I can meet you someday!



June, 2018



Online BCBA supervision

The experience and training of the BCBA Supervisor matters. I have 40 years of clinical experience and have worked across a wide range of communities, individual diversity and need. In addition to community, school and home-based clinical services, I also have just about 10 years as higher education faculty with experience in curriculum and program development.

See my BCBA Supervision page for more information and fees.


Direct and Indirect Remote Clinical Behavior Services for Working BCBAs; Mentoring for Newer BCBAs; Support for Allied Clinical Professionals

Direct and Indirect remote clinical behavioral services/support to include mentoring of newer BCBAs....with a focus on autism/developmental behavioral; intellectual disabilities; multiple disabilities; socioemotional; behavioral need related to social trauma; dual diagnosis; low incidence genetic syndromes; FAS/FAE; chronic medical/medically impacted social/behavioral needs...


Direct Support/Intervention/Instruction for the Quality of Life TriangleFeeding, Delayed Toileting/Self Care, Sleep Disruption


Contract Fulfillment; Unused Supervision Hours; Medical Necessity and Insurance Coverage/Initial and Reauthorization Issues; Program Evaluation; Curriculum Development; Training


Support/Training for Social-Cultural-Economic Dynamics and Diversity, Features/Characteristics of Behavioral and Socioemotional Needs - Children with Social Traumas/PTSD; FAS/FAE - support and training for Classroom, Community and Home-based services




Home; Community; School; Center-Based Support 




Person and Family-Centered Planning


Einstein...cannot solve problems the way