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In 2016, the BCBA test pass rate was 66%. Consider that this percentage included 3,521 first time test takers along with 4,096 folks who had to schedule retakes that year. That means about 58% of test takers in 2016 were retaking the exam; an absurdly and unnecessarily LARGE number of people.


Persons miss such high stakes tests for a range of reasons from those more 'traditional' to include text anxiety and inadequate preparation time to others more idiosyncratic.


These range from inadequate courses/graduate training; poor BCBA supervision; overpriced, generic and confusing mock exams/review systems and lack of employer support and implementation all of which can leave gaps in content knowledge, concept, theory and, above all, real time procedures and application.

But....memorizing lines on the Task List, constant review of flash cards and/or re-reading Cooper over and over again will typically not help pass the exam.

The BCBA exam is, after all, not a vocabulary test and does not 'follow the Task List' but puts concepts together using vignettes. These vignettes are challenging since for covering a lot of information. And BCBA exam vignettes can be a bit more challenging still based on ways they tend to be written.

On line groups in which everybody writes questions but nobody knows or can agree to the answers will typically not help pass the exam.

Going online, typing in 'BCBA test prep' then moving from website to website will typically not help pass the exam but often does lead to still more confusion and stress along with lots of expense.

Brief 'intensive' seminars will typically not help pass the exam.

Being taught language which is not Behavior Analysis and does not align with the exam or Cooper will, especially, not help pass the exam.


Remember that the BCBA exam fundamentally is 'WWCS;' or What Would Cooper Say.' 

For those who have tripped over this exam once, twice - more - going back to the same review and test prep processes which have already not been successful while increasing stress and costs still more...will not help pass the exam. 

Understanding, practicing and using the language of Applied Behavior Analysis will help pass the exam.

Tying concepts together for a more interconnected and comprehensive understanding will help pass the exam. 

Practicing with the Task List, by blending practical experience and vignettes, rather than memorizing definitions will help pass the exam. 

Thinking like a Behavior Analyst and approaching the exam process as a Behavior Analyst will help pass the exam.

Our being able  to figure out togeher and respond to that which has continued to interfere with your success will help pass the exam. 

Understanding and practicing the primary non-content processes which frame the exam blended with the content represented by the exam will help pass the exam.

Above all, clarity and consistency - relaxing a bit - and breaking the pattern will help you pass the exam.

I have successfully worked with many persons with good experience and content knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis who had previously struggled to pass the BCBA exam.

So many motivated, hardworking and competent people should not be failing - and certainly should not be repeat failing - the BCBA exam. 

Another suggestion I sometimes offer is to not take the BCBA exam each time it's available on cycle but to potentially skip one in order to spend more individualized time studying/prepping - and relaxing a bit. This way we also can work together for a longer period of time. 

In addition to being a long time Clinical Behavior Analyst, I also have many years' experience as a teacher/educator, higher education faculty and curriculum developer, BCBA - D and clinical supervisor. I know that effective instructional differentiation is of primary importance and look to identify what consistently works best for each of my Test Prep and Supervision at a time.

I will help you pass the BCBA exam.

Einstein...cannot solve problems the way




I offer a flat rate at a very low $60 is for each live online 1:1 session per week which includes everything identified on the Home page. Sessions go for 75 - 90  minutes. For two sessions per week, I'll give a 5% reduction from the cost of two single sessions. 

My fee for our initial conversation/session is $45 though I will waive this for folks who commit to the contact. I will charge the $45 for those who cancel or no show without a valid reason to resume contact. 

I typically do not ask for upfront charges but schedule and invoice session to session. We can schedule a few sessions to start though I much prefer starting with at least 4 - 6 weeks or individual sessions. My invoice is sent following each session unless previous arrangements are made. You will never be 'trapped' into a prepaid number of contacts or hours when working with me

I also offer small group BCBA/BCaBA test prep for folks who are already together and want group study services.

Fees are modified for small study groups with a $5 fee reduction per person dependent on the number of persons. That means 2 - 3 persons would receive a $5 reduction to the individual fee; or $55 per person. 4 - 5 persons will receive a $10 reduction to the individual fee and would be charged $50 each. Larger groups will be discussed case by case. I typically will ask small groups to pay in advance for our first session then following each session afterwards.


I anticipate and am ready for all scheduled online sessions. With this, same day unexpected cancellations can be very disruptive. They also represent time blocks in which I could have scheduled another person and/or activity

Unexpected cancellations are those given with less than 24 hours warning and will typically be charged a missed appointment fee of 60% of the identified base rate. Unique circumstances will be considered. 

Unless previously discussed and agreed, all missed appointment and individual session invoices must be met prior to the next scheduled appointment.

While I do not request advanced payment for time blocks and have  kept my services 'at will' and session to session, completing a session - or missing a session as identified by the above stated criteria - constitutes an agreement by the student to pay the invoice for that session. 


My students are typically very satisfied with the services and instruction I provide. There are numerous testimonials on the first page of this website. But if, for some reason, that is not the case for you, you may discontinue my service following payment of the last scheduled session.


If you are unhappy with my services and/or instruction, however, my first preference would be that you let me know what's going on and why so we can talk and see if we can resolve your concerns. 

Again, my flat rate covers EVERYTHING identified to include individualized differentiated instruction.

I am always open to discussion and consideration of individual circumstances.

Scheduled online sessions go for 75 - 90 minutes. While differentiation and individualization means each student's session will not look the same, we will 

  • Review, check-in and update. Questions/thoughts by students are encouraged related to the last session; other study materials online and otherwise. 

  • Follow up of any topics raised via email since the last online session,

  • Prioritize and address individual unique content area needs,

  • Discuss, question from and review of the Task List/Foundational Concepts as individually relevant,

  • Consider move from behavioral concept to application to include use of both contrived and real time scenarios/vignettes,

  • Use my mock exam as a primary focus point with explicit attention to the non-content and structural areas of the BCBA exam to include, but not limited to, selecting the best response when more than one is (or seems) correct, eliminating choices in order to better select that which is correct when the student is less certain, recognizing the 'types' of questions asked in order to respond more effectively and overall structural dynamics of the exam. 

  • Review/provide study materials and offer individualized suggestions for personal study between sessions in order to better support and offer specific feedback to make  home study more efficient.

 Since my first conversation via video or phone is without charge or obligation, there's no reason not to schedule a time to talk.


Don't wait until a month before you're scheduled to sit for your BCBA exam. Start preparing now.




Many folks I talk with who are working toward their BCBA across grad programs share that online clinical courses in particular and/or their BCBA supervision can sometimes be difficult to follow and/or not offer the individualized supports they need. Folks also tell me that some of their courses, or Supervision, may lack the clinical depth they'd expected to include a focus on increasing the probability for success on the BCBA exam.

I offer mentoring/tutoring whether weekly, biweekly or on a schedule that best fits your need. While I will initially use the same weekly and biweekly fees identified above, they may modify depending on the depth of support and/or frequency of contact requested. Ongoing test prep will always be included. 


I also provide online BCBA supervision, mentoring and remote Direct and Indirect clinical support. More on this can be found on my Clinical/Telebehavior page

 Since my first conversation via video or phone is without charge or obligation, there's no reason not to schedule a time to talk. Start preparing now.

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