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"Dr. Lou helped me pass the BCBA exam! His approach to my test preparation was meticulous, comprehensive, thorough, and individualized. He knows what it takes to pass the big exam - not just a thorough understanding of the content, but the ability to critically think about and apply concepts and techniques as they relate to clinical and ethical scenarios.


His mock exam questions were challenging and fun! They not only helped test my knowledge and ability to apply the material, but also trained me on how to best approach, dissect, and answer questions (very important for the big exam).


Our discussions about ABA concepts and techniques were thorough and detailed. He built upon my strengths and focused on my weaker areas as my test preparation progressed. I can easily say that I made an excellent decision when I decided to be tutored by Dr. Lou.

Thank you Dr. Lou!!! I will always look back on our prep sessions with a sense of pride and gratitude."


June, 2017


Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know I passed the BCBA exam. I found out yesterday. I appreciate all your help and knowledge. I used every bit of the 4 hours. I flagged 36 questions then went back and deciphered them. That was my 6th time taking the exam. Slowing down is what I needed

whoo hoo


June, 2018


I just wanted you to know that i passed this past May! I am so happy! I appreciate the talks we did have and the help you gave me! I have been going through a lot the last 6 months and this could not have come at a better time! I will look for you at any events I attend if the future and I hope I can meet you someday!



June, 2018


Results came in last night and I passed!  I wanted to thank you for tutoring me and helping me throughout this process.  You kept encouraging me not to give up and keep trying and it worked!  I'm not sure what's next for me yet, but I hope that we can keep in contact.  Hope everything is well and thanks again.


September, 2018


I just wanted to let you know that I PASSED THE EXAM!!!

I found out yesterday afternoon and I am truly so happy. Thank you for all of the time you gave me and for the patience you had to help me better understand both ABA and the exam. I’ve begun looking around for jobs (finally!), and I honestly can’t wait to begin working and hopefully consult with you many more times in the future! Thank you again!


September, 2018


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