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The experience of a BCBA supervisor and Clinical Behavior Specialist matters. And a reason so many folks struggle with the BCBA exam is connected to the depth of the training; test prep/study support available and the degree to which it can be individualized/differentiated to their learning style and need.

I bring nearly 40 years of highly diverse clinical experience as a Behavior Analyst. I've provided services from Baltimore City to Alaska, Oregon and the Klamath River Valley in California, on reservation schools in South Dakota and to mothers and their children living in domestic violence shelters.

I've worked with children and adults with autism, developmental and low incident genetic syndromes, FASD, conduct and attentional disorders and complex social traumas....and so very many with significant behavioral needs ranging from persistent disruption, aggression, SIB, sleep/toileting and at-risk feeding.

In addition to my clinical background, I've also written/implemented many training curriculum, individual college/university courses and full degree programs. I've provided BCBA supervision for many years and have almost 10 years as higher education faculty teaching in Departments of Education and Psychology.

Whether you are looking for BCBA Supervision/Test Preparation...or online clinical support...I can uniquely help.


Above all, experience matters

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