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Dr. Sandler helped me fill in the informational gaps that were briefly covered by my program that really helped me get over the hump and pass the exam! Could not recommend enough for those struggling with test prep or even willing to make themselves a better BCBA.


January, 2019


Dr Lou...your content knowledge is off the charts.  You are so good at explaining difficult concepts and providing excellent examples. Also, I like the PP's and articles that you have given me.  Extremely helpful especially the experimental design area (great tools to refer back to and study) You also have a very kind and patient side that makes people feel comfortable, even when you have to deliver constructive feedback


January, 2019



I received your email on errorless learning. I really enjoy the insight that you provide with presented topics; the information is both clear and insightful. 


January, 2019


After just a few sessions, I am already looking at the questions differently and have better success with answering the questions correctly. Thank you!!



BCBA Candidate

April, 2019


A great big thank you to Dr. Sandler for helping me pass the BCBA exam. The private tutor lessons provided by Dr. Sandler were extremely helpful. Dr. Sandler took the time to assess areas of the task list that I was weak in. He created tools such as visuals, written articles, and his own mock questions to help me grasp, learn and retain difficult concepts. Although he concentrated on helping me with weak areas, he did not let the other sections of the task list slip by without review. His expertise in all aspects of ABA and his mastery of teaching made our tutoring sessions into the ideal learning environment. 



April, 2019


Dr. Sandler was instrumental in preparing me to be a BCBA, not just pass the test (although he did that too:). His methods and strategies were effective in neutralizing aversive stimuli I had associated with the test. He helped interrupt the cycle of failure and rebuild my foundation for success step by step. 


March, 2020


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