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With another BCBA test cycle coming up…..Think About….

Rule governed behavior is connected to…..respondent or operant conditioning? How?

Contingency governed behavior is connected to….respondent or operant conditioning? How?

What is the primary predictor of behavior in operant conditioning?

What is the primary predictor of behavior in respondent conditioning?

TRUE/FALSE: Respondent conditioning is evocative of behavior.

Value added is related to MO’s in what way?

What is an MO v. SD's relationship to reinforcement? How are they different?

Data which is identified as reliable

a. Is correct

b. Is consistent in its recording

c. Represents the strength of the external validity of the study

d. Means the researcher(s) can reduce the frequency of IOA recording.

TRUE/FALSE: Data that is reliable will then also be accurate

TRUE/FALSE: Data that is accurate must also be reliable

Validity is whether you

a. Are using the most effective data/behavioral dimension to collect what you intended

b. Able to show that your data is aligned with what is happening

c. Consistently collect your data in the same way

d. Have reason to believe your intervention/plan is being implemented as you intended

A BCBA is developing a program to increase the success of an 8-year-old client who becomes very disruptive in the grocery store. While it will be important to manage the escape function of the child’s behavior, the parent also can’t be expected to initiate effective extinction practices with a screaming, fighting child in the grocery store. With this, the BCBA decides that his plan will target increasing predictable time intervals for success in the store starting with the child responding to two simple requests, the purchase of one item and check out for a total of 5 minutes in the store. The plan will offer the child individualized reinforcement for success at the predicted interval starting at 5 minutes. It was identified that after they arrive at the store and the child has been told they are ‘going shopping’/’have to stop at the store’ and left the car, the parent will return the child to the car following this initial Sd should behavioral escalation occur which cannot be redirected. With this, the BCBA is using which of the following data dimensions to determine when to end each session?

a. Duration

b. Intensity

c. Topography

d. Frequency/rate

e. Latency

f. Environmental locus

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