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An Important BCBA Test Prep Rule: Relax and Reorganize...with a Few Other Thoughts

The key to Success in the BCBA exam is not the rote memorization of a zillion flash cards. It is not to compartmentalize the Task List by going through each line one at a time over and over again. It is not studying six or seven days each week for as many hours per day as possible. And please don't reread Cooper as if it were a novel unless, perhaps, you need a sleep aide some evening. Still more added stress is not typically predictive of success.

Instead of returning to the same study practices that have not been as effective as had been expected; contact me. I will also review with you what you've been doing to this point. We will together consider how you've been working on and studying the material for this exam. That way, I can better offer more specific thoughts and feedback.

When folks trip over the BCBA exam once, twice - or more - there is an understandable habit to look up and use about anything on the internet that says 'BCBA test prep' but often without knowing who is writing the questions and/or explanations along with their qualifications to do so. Authentic test writing takes specialized training and a lot of practice. Finishing a grad program and/or passing the BCBA exam does not presumptively confer this skill set.

I work with so many folks who are, literally, studying 7 days per week (which is, more often, extremely counterproductive) while holding a job and caring for a family. And then they still fail the next exam. When some of these very stressed folks find me, one of the very first things I work on is to help them stop, take a DEEP breath, relax and reorganize. Studying hard is great. Studying in such a diffused way while not actually knowing if the process or, more often, processes being followed have authentic professional credibility is not the way to go.

One of my first test prep 'rules' which I'll share is to relax - even just a bit. If you are not sure why you've struggled with the BCBA exam despite the effort you’ve put in...I can help.

Another of my test prep 'rules' is not to take the exam if you do not feel ready. Do not just schedule on each and every cycle since that can negatively impact your probability of success. Make a plan for yourself just as you would if one of your clients were failing to show the success anticipated.

You can do this...

A key is tying the Task List together for better understanding and application. Another key includes recognizing each question asked and responding ONLY to the question being asked in the way it is being asked. As soon as you look up from a given question, for instance, and say 'what if...' or 'but I need...,' you are out of alignment with that question.

Also very important is to not just read vignettes and scenarios but be able to read into vignettes and scenarios to recognize what is wanted. All this is then wrapped around identifying and addressing individually relevant content areas.

Stop repeating the same mock exams/reviews which too often only increase related stress by not offering explanations of what are very often poorly written questions. Instead of the review groups where everybody has a different answer but nobody can actually identify the correct answer; contact me.

Writing test questions takes specific training, practice and a lot of experience. Simply choosing a website because it claims to be 'BCBA test prep' without knowing exactly who is writing which questions and/or the accompanying explanations can quickly get quite frustrating and stressful.

Unlike other online BCBA test prep services, mine are designed for you week to week, bi-weekly or more than once per week based on your interests, need, time and finances. I do not require cash up front with specific time commitments which is nonrefundable regardless of what you think once that program gets started. You can stop services with me as easily as you started.

But I don't think you'll want to do that once we get started.....

I also work with international students, those for whom English is a second language and individuals receiving test modifications.

You can pass the BCBA exam even if you are not sure - so far - why you've struggled on the thing. It's not you.

Since our first conversation is always without charge or obligation, there's no reason for us not to meet and talk. I am currently migrating from VSee to Zoom.

Contact me via my website and/or this post. I can help you pass the BCBA exam.

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