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Comprehensive Supports and Individualized BCBA Test Prep Tutoring

I am developing - and have started to implement - a model to help individual BCBA test prep students 'relearn' key elements of the Task List and Cooper which were not fully presented - and certainly not to the comprehensive and interconnected nature it should have been - as part of their graduate program (or course track) in Applied Behavior Analysis. I'm finding such need more and more without fully understanding why it would be the case. Did your program prepare you for success on the exam then to be a practicing BCBA? I schedule 1:1 meetings weekly or biweekly depending on availability and interest

Constantly repeating so many flash cards and/or rewriting the lines on the Task List will not provide such support and, for many, can inadequately prepare for the BCBA exam. Groups in which questions are written but answers are not always agreed upon is confusing and can only add more stress. Being fed selected mock exams which may not have match your learning style can also inadequately prepare students for the BCBA exam.

Even getting questions correct on the many 'mock exams' available may not help if you don't know WHY the answer was correct AND the others incorrect. Would you get it correct again if that question were asked differently? Can you identify the other answers? Could you rewrite a particular question to make the answer become one of the others? And for those currently looking for graduate programs in Behavior sure to check on their first time exam pass rate

A behavior definition of 'anxiety' is working very hard for something in the way you were told would be most effective then not finding the expected reinforcement at the end but without understanding what happened. We will figure out and correct what has interfered with your success together

It's not you.

Whether you need more comprehensive test prep practice based on my test prep model and original mock exam or a more in depth review of the material....I can help you pass the BCBA exam.

Since my first conversation is always without charge or obligation, there is no reason not to schedule a time.

Let's talk.


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