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NO Child with Autism or Family Should Be Without Services. As a Remote Provider, I Want to Help.

Absolutely NO child with autism or related needs, their families/primary caregivers, should suddenly find themselves without services and support as has happened for so very many. As an experienced provider of telehealth/telebehavior remote Behavioral Services, I'm ready and want to help.

Due to the current circumstances, I will slide my fees for out-of-pocket so as to make me ultimately affordable to about any individual; family who really wants my services. And I am open for conversations with agencies and schools.

I am in network with Tricare West which is now offering telehealth/telebehavior services for autism as a result of the pandemic.

My background includes 40 plus years as a clinician in the community and with agencies to include 5 years at Kennedy Krieger. I also have about 10 years as higher education faculty. I've supported families first and foremost.

I also actively work with and can help schools, service providers and others who have not typically offered remote services in the past but now find themselves having to gear up quickly.

I can help provide direct services and/or training with regards to doing assessments and developing behavioral programs online. I have my own Functional Behavioral Assessment package and data materials designed for online services. It's not exactly the same as being there...

I've offered remote services for awhile now and mostly non-stop over the past 6 or so years. Remote services were also among my areas of primary program emphasis as a doctoral student going back a few years....

Remote services are different from those in-person. Even those who've had positive instructional/stimulus control; have been an effective reinforcing agent in person could well need to largely reestablish that relationship when going online. After all, the child knows you aren't in the room with him or her!

It will be even more important to have the simultaneous and active participation of parents/caregivers exactly because you are not physically present especially when working with younger more active children. Start with the simple; what you know is already firmly in the child's repertoire and, while not higher preference, skills and activities you do know she or he can and will more easily engage. In this new condition, it will be important for you, the parent/caregiver and, most importantly, the child have success and feel in control of this very new condition.

I can help families. I can help agencies and schools who need to suddenly provide online services and resources across large numbers of children but may not have a lot of experience doing so. I have proven and ready to be provided systems.

Absolutely NO child or family should suddenly find themselves without services and support.

I can help. I want to help. You are not in this alone.

And once I initiate services with folks, I remain available to you between scheduled sessions as needed because this is what I do.

I also offer online individualized BCBA Test Prep tutoring and BCBA Supervision. I can also help you get supervision hours during this period with little to no direct child and family contact

I'm available and want to help out. I hope families; others make contact so we can talk since I'm betting those who do will like what I say and what I have to offer.

Contact me. Since my first conversation is always without charge or obligation, there's no reason not to talk.


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